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People are always amazed when they get to SEE how powerful their minds are! ** WE are ALL incredible beings.** That includes you!! :-)

By following the exact steps outlined in this course, I consistently see people:

  • Get rid of chronic pain
  • Overcome illness/Get undiagnosed from "incurable" ailments
  • Genuinely feel a renewed excitement and vitality for life and their future.
  • Have surgeries cancelled
  • Move their legs/walk again from complete paralysis
  • Reach levels of happiness and joy that they didn't know were possible
  • Feel more empowered and in control of their life 
  • Transform their health, life and relationships. 
  • Achieve REAL healing results!
  • Feel a deep sense of "happiness in their soul" 
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how to really use their mind to heal their body and change their lives 
  • A new level of awareness and consciousness
  • Release old emotional traumas and hurt

Sound too good to be true? 

Andrea went from being bedridden (supine) for 6 years to resolving all of her health issues and running! She states: "My entire LIFE has changed and is better than ever!"

Are you ready for a revolution in healing?  Are you ready to be amazed with what you are capable of? 


You are a perfect fit if ANY of the following applies to you:


You are currently experiencing any type of pain or illness?

You feel tired or lack energy? 

You lost your enjoyment for life?

You want to live a full life, but you feel stuck? 

You have lost all hope of recovery and tried every thing and nothing works?

You are ready to really understand the bodies incredible ability to heal.

You are ready to SEE and EXPERIENCE what YOU are capable of when you learn to use your mind! 


“I've noticed HUGE changes in myself...HUGE!!!! WOW! I'm SO appreciative and excited about the videos that I've encouraged my friend Sally to get them and work with them. I intend to encourage my group of Unity women to purchase the videos. They're absolutely life-changing!” – Joanne Noll

I am BLOWN away at how powerful Brandy’s techniques are!!! I have felt better in my body than I have since I can remember!! Her gifts are extraordinary, and her heart is DIVINE!!! My life will forever be transformed!! I have been an Intuitive Strategist for over 20 years and have been teaching metaphysics for almost 25 years and have been a dedicated student of it for almost 40 and this is so powerful and profound!!! Thinking about it brings in tremendous feelings of Gratitude, Joy and Love!! Thank you! So much appreciation and love ❤️ Beth  


Side Note: She was able to use HER mind to release her own 20 year chronic pain in just a few minutes!   I just coached her on how to use her mind.  This is normal for me to see. We all have this incredible ability! I have never worked with anyone who could *not* do it.  WE are ALL incredible beings and that means YOU! 


“I’d been experiencing extreme neck pain for years. I was referred to Brandy, not really thinking what she did would work, but desperate to try anything. Somehow, she was able to immediately identify the stress that was affecting my body. She helped me to do a couple of mind exercises to change my energy. Even as I did these steps, the pain began dissipating until it was just gone! She is incredible. I thanked her for taking away my pain for me. She responded that I was the one who did it, and that she just coached me to use my own mind and energy. All I know was that I was pain free in just few minutes only… truly amazing! ” – K.N.

We have classes starting all of the time however, our classes are very affordable and ** do fill up fast ** 

If you would like information for our next available classes or if you have any questions, just let us know and we will get the information to you quickly! 

If you have any questions, then please send them to my support team at

Medical Disclaimer

Please Note: If you have a serious or potentially life-threatening health issue or are actively on prescription medications, then to join this online course you must remain under the direct supervision of your physician while participating in this class and have your medications monitored. You must not avoid your doctors or treatments. It is important to inform them of your participation or any actions you are taking that may affect your health. If you have physical pain, then you are welcome to raise your hand on a group call to have Brandy assist you with releasing your pain however, you must have a proper diagnosis from your doctor prior to releasing the pain. Pain can be an indicator of an additional health issue. This program has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not a replacement for medical or psychiatric care. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure illness. Legally we cannot and do not make any guarantees for health, financial or life results. Each one of us are empowered beings. Your life and your results are up to you!  You can access our full medical disclaimer and earnings disclaimer


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