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Hi, I’m Brandy Gillmore

I am wondering…

Are you tired of being sick?  having no energy?  feeling alone in your battle with illness and pain?  

The reality is that you are less alone than you may realize. The number of people who suffer from chronic pain and illness is only getting worse!  


I’m in tired of living my life in pain.”

“I don't feel like I have the energy, or motivation to do anything."  

"I’m stuck. I've spent so much time and money trying to heal, yet nothing works." 

“It seems like every time I start to improve, something else goes wrong."


Sound familiar?


You're ready for a Revolution in healing if ANY of the following apply to you:

  • You've been feeling tired and feel burnt out 
  • You are currently experiencing any type of pain or illness
  • You have lost your enjoyment for life
  • You want to live a full life, but you feel stuck 
  • You have lost all hope of recovery. You have tried everything but NOTHING works. 

Andrea went from being bedridden (supine) for 6 years to resolving all of her health issues and running!

How to Heal Yourself
When No One Else Can

Learn how to heal yourself in just 7 weeks! (You also receive LIVE hands-on support directly with me every week!!)

Skeptical? I was too...

When you hear the words, “Use your mind to heal your body,” your first thought may be, That’s impossible. At least that is how I personally felt when I first began looking at the mind for healing. It just didn't seem logical that I could change a REAL physical injury with my mind! 


Or maybe you've heard about the well-known placebo, so you know its a proven fact that our minds "somehow" have healing abilities.  OR.. you may even be someone who has been studying the power of your mind and energy for years but yet you have been unable to get real lasting results.  (I see this ALL of the time)


Maybe you don't even think its possible because you have been told that your injury is too severe, or your genetics are to blame, or that’s just how it is when you get older?


But how are you supposed to be okay with the kind of health issues that keep you from living life?


When you join the Revolution in Healing, you’ll see there are plenty of people from all walks of life who felt the same.

 Doctors have told them, “There’s nothing we can do for you.” ( I was told the same thing)

Friends and family think they’re being "unrealistic" for even looking outside of the box.

They’ve tried countless solutions, and nothing has worked.

They are afraid to even HOPE that something can work. 


By following the exact steps outlined in this program, I consistently see people:

  • get rid of chronic pain
  • overcome illness
  • get undiagnosed from "incurable" ailments
  • have surgeries cancelled
  • I have even seen people walking again from complete paralysis. (If that sounds too good to be true, see the videos below) 


If you’re ready to learn how to to truly heal yourself, then you need to be a part of the Revolution in Healing.


Let me share my story with you! 


I was in an accident (a car accident and then a fall) and was in so much pain I was on various forms morphine yet STILL spent much of my days lying in bed in extreme pain. On a good day I could manage to get around for a bit using a wheelchair, walker, or even make it very short distances with a cane.  On a bad day, I didn't make it out of bed. Everyday was a struggle and it just continued to get worse. One doctor after another said there was nothing they could do for me. I tried every diet, supplement, cleanse and magic pill I could find, yet nothing worked. I had to give up the career that I loved AND my income. I struggled financially to make ends meet on a disability income. It was all too much. Instead of getting married, my fiancée and I broke up. Literally my entire life was a downward spiral! The longer I was injured the more I lost myself and everything I loved. I was alive, but I wasn’t living.


I would never have looked at the mind for healing except that I was desperate. I was in extreme pain and every day my life was passing me by while everyone else was living a full and happy life.

It took me over 5 years of researching and inventing different techniques to finally figure out HOW to use my mind.  But it worked!  I was able to heal, I have zero pain and am now in the best shape of my life!  I feel energized and happier than I have ever felt. In learning to work with my mind, I have also been able to change other areas of my life. Today I am living a life beyond what I could have previously imagined for myself and it just keeps getting better!! 


Here’s some of the research that led me to looking at the mind!

  • The placebo effect is well documented. From this simple awareness, we can see that research has PROVEN that the mind itself does "somehow" have the ability to heal the physical body.
  • Research has shown that people with Multiple Personality Disorder can suffer from different ailments, asthma, allergies, and pain when they are in different personalities! (this simple awareness clearly points to the mind!)
  • Our bodies are constantly repairing and replacing cells. Most of our cells are 7-10 years old… so, if research has proven this, then how is it even possible for people to have injuries that remain for decades? That simply doesn't make logical sense. 
  • Extensive research has shown that "stress" — which starts in the mind — affects the physical body.
  • Even "prayer healing" or energy healing starts with the mind...


There was TONS of solid evidence that I could not simply ignore. It all pointed to the mind.


After I healed myself, I went on to do something that no one else has been able to do:  show people how to use their mind to become free of their pain in minutes! ( And, it’s NOT by using “mind over matter” or meditation. I don’t recommend either).  I have even done this under thermal medical equipment because I knew people would be skeptical just as I was. So I wanted to show people real tangible results!.



"My doctor cancelled my surgery! He said, "I can’t operate on something that isn’t there anymore.”   [tumor healed]

What people from this course are saying...

“Today, after our first group call, I feel without pain. How amazing is this? I am on the journey to being confident, healthy and amazing thanks to you. Cannot wait til next session. Doing my homework. May you be blessed for what you are doing for all of us.” – Monique


I am BLOWN away at how powerful Brandy’s techniques are!!! I have felt better in my body than I have since I can remember!! Her gifts are extraordinary, and her heart is DIVINE!!! My life will forever be transformed!! I have been an Intuitive Strategist for over 20 years and have been teaching metaphysics for almost 25 years and have been a dedicated student of it for almost 40 and this is so powerful and profound!!! Thinking about it brings in tremendous feelings of Gratitude, Joy and Love!! Thank you!

So much appreciation and love ❤️ Beth  [she was able to release her own 20 year chronic pain in just minutes!]


“It's been 24 days since I had a headache. That was the day we had our session. The longest I’ve gone without headaches for years prior to that was 4 days. So awesome not to even think about headaches anymore.” – S. S.



Are you ready to heal yourself?

If you are tired of feeling sick, and you don’t want to feel like your life is passing you by, it’s time to make a change.


Join the Revolution in Healing and get access to How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can, a 7-week program that will change your life.


In working with this program, people report:

  • REAL healing results!
  • Feeling a renewed sense of excitement and vitality in life.  
  • Feeling a deep sense of "happiness in their soul" 
  • An in-depth understanding of how to really use their mind to heal their body and change their lives! 
  • A new level of awareness of how powerful our minds are.
  • The ability to truly master their emotions. 
  • And SO much more...



What’s In the Program?


"How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can" is a complete, comprehensive 7-week program delivered in video lessons that will  teach you how to use your mind to heal your body.


  • A step-by-step guide to MASTER YOUR MIND to heal your body!
  • Gain a solid understanding of how to use your mind to change your health and your life!
  • Learn tools and techniques that you can use to "see" what’s going on in your own mind at a deeper (subconscious) level so that you can change your subconscious mind and your energy!
  • Gain cutting edge tools, techniques and insights on how to use your mind that you will NOT find anywhere else. You will be able to use for the rest of your life to empower your life! 
  • Discover how your illness is cutting you off from true happiness and joy and — and what you can do to STOP and REVERSE this process to easily access even more joy, energy and vitality!  
  • Master the Mind-Body-Soul Needs for self-healing, happiness and radical life transformation


How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can includes over 28 hours of videos, delivered over the course of 7 weeks to help you transform your health and your life with specific exercises, step-by-step instructions, and detailed breakdowns you can easily follow, even if you’ve never done anything like this before .


This powerful online video course Includes:

7-week video course: 

This is the most in-depth training course on working with the mind you have EVER seen or your money back. It has over 28 full length videos!)**

Exclusive Access to Member's ONLY Group Support

(So I will be with you every step of the way)

During these exclusive calls you can ask me any question you need to help YOU get the results you want:  if you have pain you can raise your hand on the call and I will help you understand it and release it on the call. If you are stuck I will help quickly identify the reason(s) so you can overcome it. If you have a question regarding your personal situation, just ask!   

I have structured the course this way because I do understand that one of two things is true: 

#1: Either you are brand new to working with your mind OR

#2: you have tried healing with the mind before but have been unable to get real results.

So, my goal is set up everything for you and to do everything I can to provide you with a fool proof way to help you get real, tangible, results! 


* It is important to note that if you have a life-threatening illness, then you must remain under the care of your physician to participate in this class. Your goal should NOT be to avoid your doctors. It should be to continue seeing them while you are learning and to AMAZE them with REAL, visible results!  


Receive Additional Bonuses Worth Over $850 FOR FREE When You Enroll Today

When you enroll, you will also get immediate access to bonuses! 


BONUS #1: Extended ACCESS to the Exclusive Members ONLY Coaching! Instead of receiving 7-weeks of Exclusive Members Only Coaching I will EXTEND the exclusive access so you will have 4 straight months with me! (JUST to help make sure to set you up for success!)

3 Powerful Recorded Mind Activator mp3's!

BONUS #2: Morning Self-Healing Activator: 

BONUS #3: Stress Release and Empowerment Activator:

BONUS #4:  Attracting Authentic Love Meditation:  


You will also receive 2 revolutionary bonus video trainings to take your life!


BONUS #5: Additional Insights to Creating an Even Better Life This includes key things you can do with your mindset to improve multiple areas of your life!


BONUS #6: How to Support Your Kids Health & Happiness (I'd love to see our world view change)

*These 2 videos are advanced so they will be delivered at the end of 7-week course. This is so you can build on the tools and techniques that you have already learned throughout the course.



Choose Below to Get Started Today! 


About the EXCLUSIVE Members Only Group Calls:

I WANT you to succeed, which is the reason I have set this up so that, once you are in the course I will be with you every STEP of the way! 

Every week for 4 straight months you will be able to join a live Members Only group call/ Q & A with me.

  • During these group calls, you will be able to personally ask me any questions specific to your situation to achieve even faster healing results!
  • You can me for personal assistance in getting results, if you have pain you can raise your hand on the call and I will help you release it, if you are stuck I will help quickly identify the reason(s) so you can overcome it. In short, you can ask any personal questions pertaining to your specific situation. I have done this because I understand that one of two things are true: Either you are new to working with your mind OR you have tried healing with the mind before but have been unable to get results. So, my goal is to do everything I can to provide a fool proof way to help you get real, tangible, results! 
  • And, if you are unable to make it on the call live, you can email in any question you have and then listen to the recording of the call to hear the answers!


It’s that simple.  All calls will be recorded so you can re-listen to them.


*Please note: these calls are unlike a traditional type of group coaching:

Due to the fact that I personally answer each person’s questions live on The Members Only Group calls/Q&A, these classes are limited to a certain amount of people.  (To allow enough time to answer each person’s question).


Listening to the power activator today, I had a huge release of energy! I can't even describe it!!! Like time was folding on top of itself! I have so much excitement. Someday, I want to be like you. I can't even express how grateful I am you came into my life. Your program is amazing and you just get it!! I tried to express the intensity of this moment but words fail me. It was just amazing, a moment I'll never ever forget. ~A.J.


“I’d been experiencing extreme neck pain for years. I was referred to Brandy, not really thinking what she did would work, but desperate to try anything. Somehow, she was able to immediately identify the stress that was affecting my body. She helped me to do a couple of mind exercises to change my energy. Even as I did these steps, the pain began dissipating until it was just gone! She is incredible. I thanked her for taking away my pain for me. She responded that I was the one who did it, and that she just coached me to use my own mind and energy. All I know was that I was pain free in just few minutes only… truly amazing! ” – K.N.


A video-only package without the EXCLUSIVE coaching. It includes:

7-week video course. The most in-depth video course on healing with the mind that you will find or your money back! 


(Yep, I would STILL want you to have these)

3 Pre-Recorded Mind Activator mp3's:

Morning Self-Healing Activator

Stress Release and Empowerment Activator

Attracting Authentic Love Meditation

Available for just 3 monthly payments of $197!

Choose Below and Get Started Today! 

After being in pain for over a year, she healed her pain in just minutes!

I've noticed HUGE changes in myself and my health...HUGE!!!! WOW! I'm SO appreciative and excited about the videos that I've encouraged my friend Sally to get them and work with them. I intend to encourage my group of Unity women to purchase the videos. I cannot wait to finish the rest. They're absolutely life-changing!  

Joanne Noll


Had been searching for the answers for over 12 years.

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 Join the the NEW Revolution in Healing and I'll teach you step-by-step how to master your mind to heal your body and change your life. I will share with you eye-opening insights along with the cutting-edge tools and techniques that I used with my health and others to help them achieve  seemingly "miraculous" results! 



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