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The amount of people who suffer from chronic pain & illness has reached an all time HIGH.

...and it's not getting better!

In fact, experts predict 2 things!


#1: more people will become sick/injured.

#2: A large percentage of people who are sick will continue to be diagnosed with more chronic conditions.


Have you become part of that gloomy statistic?? ...I was part of both!

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In fact, most people who have unfortunately become part of this statistic spend their days:

  • Experiencing pain or fatigue from illness or injury
  • Feel tired or lack energy so they miss out on the things they used to enjoy
  • Discouraged from the loss of enjoyment for their favourite activities or life
  • Wanting to live a full life, but they feel stuck
  • Feeling as though there’s no hope for recovery (after trying what seems like everything with no results)
  • Tired of seeing others get results, but not experiencing it for themselves
  • And feeling fed up with the status quo and are ready to SEE and EXPERIENCE something different in their bodies.

I’m living doesn’t have to be this way! That YOU can change it! If anyone tells you otherwise, don't believe them. When I was told I could not get better, I chose not to believe them.

There was a time that I could not have imagined this, but, I ask you to imagine waking up every day:

  • Feeling happy and energised!  
  • No longer living with chronic pain
  • Feeling a sense of safety and control in your health and your life!
  • Feeling a sense of personal power for overcoming your illness, pain, or get undiagnosed from your "incurable" ailments
  • Genuinely feeling a renewed excitement and vitality for your life and the future (most people don't feel like this is really possible).
  • And achieve REAL healing results!
  • Or even have your doctor cancel your upcoming surgeries because he/she says that you no longer need them. (Or, for others, go from paralysis to moving your legs and begin working on walking again!)
  • Reach levels of happiness and joy that you didn't know were possible
  • Transform your health, life, and relationships 
  • Feel a deep sense of "happiness in your soul" 
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how to really use the mind to heal the body and change your life 
  • Release old emotional traumas and hurt

Important Notice:

If you that this sounds too good to be true... or that I can do it but doubting that you can...

I understand. I felt the same. I literally tried EVERYTHING that said it would work. But it didn't.

So I didn't really believe I could do it. BUT I knew I could not let my entire life pass me by or even live another day feeling awful.  I had to do something and I am glad I did. It changed my entire life and that is my sincerest hope for you also. 

I believe that everything happens for a reason. lf you made it here, then chances are high that you and I have a lot in common. We've probably even tried some of the same things. Injections? Medical treatments? Supplements? Diets? Candida diets?

After all of that, skepticism can set in. And also because, let's be honest, there is a lot of "over-inflated" marketing tactics. Frankly, I am surprised that people say the things they do in marketing. It's crazy. But anyways, if you are skeptical, I do understand and I also want you to feel good and happy to move forward with your health and into an even better life.  

That said, you may want to check out my podcast to see (hear) real people getting real healing results back to back! Or, you can see the "magic" (and happy tears) in the videos below. 


Still Sound Too Good To Be True?

Watch as Andrea shares how she went from being bedridden for 6 years to running! She states: "My entire LIFE has changed and is better than ever!"

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PACKAGE #1: Heal Yourself, Change Your Life

(Full 7-Week Course)

This is the complete comprehensive course, Heal Yourself, Change Your Life. It’s packed with videos to help you really understand your mind and your energy so that you have to knowledge and the tools to transform your health and your life. In it I share with you the same steps that I used to heal myself and I break the process into a simple step by step roadmap to help you do the same!

This package is a great fit if you meet any of the following:

  • You have been suffering from a chronic, long-term health issue(s).
  • You have been everywhere and have seen little to no improvement in your health.
  • You can get some healing results but can’t seem to heal all of the way.
  • You have one health issue after another. As soon as one thing clears up, then another one appears.
  • You are someone who loves to fully deep dive transformation, to get the most out of this process and make it LIFE-CHANGING!

In this course you will


✅ Identify the specific link(s) in your mind (what I call the PSE) that you will want to change.

✅ Understand the foundation of self-healing: what you will need to do to get results and then the process to do it.

✅ Learn and implement simple techniques to bring positive programming into your subconscious mind and energy.

✅ Learn powerful techniques to shift/liberate and release negative energy from your subconscious mind to get real rapid results!

✅ Gain an in-depth understanding of the mind and energy that has enabled me to demonstrate incredible, back-to-back results!

✅ Master the Mind-Body-Soul Needs for radical self-healing, happiness, and life transformation

✅ Understand the difference between "core energy" and "transmission energy" and how that influences your results, your health and your life!

✅ Understand how to release old stuck patterns at their core, so they don’t continue to resurface.

✅ Each part of the process is broken down into bite sized videos along with simple instructions for you to take your health (AND life) to the next level.

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If you are someone who:

  • Has already been studying self-healing
  • OR, you have a health issue, but it's not "major."

Then likely this Fast Track Healing will be PERFECT fit for you.

For me, I was a complete train wreck (wheelchair/walker/cane) and I had no real knowledge of self-healing. In fact, I thought the idea of healing my physical body with my mind was ridiculous. After all, I'd had a physical accident with a physical injury. So I was starting from no experience at all. For me to heal myself it took at 8-step process, BUT what I have found in working with people is that many people can heal by step #3!

This package is a great fit if you meet any of the following:


  • You’ve been studying self-healing for a long time, and you feel like you are missing a few key pieces to get results?

  • You feel like you could succeed at healing yourself if you just knew what, specifically, you need to change in your mind to get results!

  • Or, you are new to self-healing, you have a medium to a moderate health issue and you are ready to dive into healing yourself. (Welcome!!… you are going to LOVE it!)

  • Or, you are someone who does have a major health issues, BUT, you are not yet ready for the “deep dive” course. You are wanting to take it one step at a time and see the results!


**This video set is based on the first 3 Steps of the GILLMORE Method. If you finish this 3-week course, and you feel that you need more, you can simply add on the second half of the course.

In this course you will


✅ Identify the specific link(s) in your mind (what I call the PSE) that you will want to change. (For many people, this is one of the most important things they will need to get results with healing. Of course, you will also need to know how to reprogram your mind which is what the rest of the course is about.

✅ Understand self-healing and what you will need to do to get results and then the process to do it. 

✅ Learn and implement powerful techniques to bring positive programming into your subconscious mind and energy.

✅ Learn powerful techniques to shift/liberate and release negative energy from your subconscious mind to get real rapid healing results!

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When you join the program, you’ll also receive these bonuses

BONUS: Powerful Mind Activators

Mind activators are powerful brain training mp3 recordings that have been specifically made to help you create & activate powerful patterns in your mind/energy in a relaxed state. This can help you make changes even faster in your life.

  • Bonus #1: Stress Release & Empowerment Activator (Value: $97)
  • Bonus #2: Authentic Love Activator (Value: $97)
  • Bonus #3: Anti-Aging Activator (Value: $129)

(Total Value $323)

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Meet Your Instructor


Brandy Gillmore is a world-renowned speaker who is most well-known for her discoveries in self-healing. Due to her ability to demonstrate back-to-back physical healing results using only the mind, Brandy’s work is quickly gaining momentum and captivating audiences worldwide. She has been featured on stages internationally and given a mind-expanding TEDx talk where she shares her own incredible healing journey and is being featured in new upcoming documentaries. After her miraculous recovery, she has been working with top celebrities, Olympic Athletes, CEOs and groups of people worldwide sharing her cutting-edge discoveries.



If you go through this program, follow the steps and use the techniques to create authentic change, you should be able to heal your body. I have seen consistent results! However, no one can ever provide a guarantee when it comes to your health. So, the next best thing I can do is offer you a guarantee on the course.
If you are skeptical or unsure if this is for you, I want to offer you a 10-day money-back guarantee.That will give you the time to really start feeling differently and know that the program is a good fit for you.
Simply sign up now, follow through with the process that is outlined for you and if you are not completely 100% satisfied, then just email us at within the first 10 days and get your full money back.
It’s that easy.

3 Week, Fast Foundational Healing


or 3 easy payments of $119

Learn to heal yourself in just 3 short weeks! (Value: $597)


  • Anti-aging activator (value $127)

  • Authentic Love Mind Activator (value $97)

  • Stress Release & Empowerment Activator

    (value $97)

7 Week Deep-Dive Healing & Transformation


3 payments of $197

Learn to heal yourself and radically change your life in 7-weeks! (Value $997)


  • Anti-aging (Value: $127)

  • Authentic Love Activator (Value: $97)

  • "Stress Release and Empowerment"
    (Value: $97)

$297 One Time Payment
3 monthly payments of $119
$497 One Time Payment
3 monthly payments of $197

~ Testimonials ~

I saw Brandy and have had amazing results with her mind, body, soul and nutritional and supplement advice. Even my specialists are impressed with my status. I was at a visit with her and mentioned I was going to have surgery on my shoulder for a torn rotator cuff and a tear on my labrum. I had these tears for some time but the pain had become unbearable and the doctors said surgery was the only option. My pain level was a 10 and my left arm was basically useless. She talked to me about the power to heal with our thoughts. I believe in positive thinking but was very skeptical. How could my thoughts stop the pain from a physical tear. I went in for surgery but it was cancelled at the last minute because my platelet count was too low. Little did I know what a blessing that was. When I told Brandy what had happened she suggested I try using the power of my thoughts to relieve the pain. I had nothing to loose since I could not have the surgery and was still in severe pain. Since implementing the process (which she taught me in a very short time) my shoulder has completely healed. I have been literally pain free and have full use of my arm. If on the occasion, I ever get pain somewhere else in my body I am able to work through a thought process and alleviate the pain by myself. It is truly amazing, empowering and life changing! ~ Teresa S., CA

“Thank you, Brandy, for showing me how to relieve my pain so quickly!   After suffering from intense leg pain for over two years, I met one of your clients who recommended you highly as the one person who could help me. My pain was growing more intense every month, and at moments was reaching a level of 10. I had been to my Primary Care Physician, as well as the Endocrinologist, both of whom couldn’t find the problem through lab tests. I spent hundreds of dollars visiting other practitioners, all without any relief. Then I found you. What you did for me that day was a miracle. With your special techniques you helped me discover the source of the pain through a mind/body connection, and within twenty minutes, yes just 20 minutes, ALL of my pain was gone. Since then, when the stressors in life begin to cause me physical pain, I use the same techniques you taught me, and within seconds all of the pain goes away.” – S. J. P.

“The day before you came to see me, I was having suicidal thoughts. I just didn’t see the point of living this life and being a burden. You really changed my life. I can’t thank you enough.” – CS

“WOW WOW WOW! I am infinitely grateful to you. Thank you for your caring, loving work with me (and fun, too, I might add). I SO appreciate all you’re helping me to activate and release. I’m feeling the difference today already! And I love how you do what you do. I drank in the shifts and the newer found flow of energy last night while doing the ‘home-play’ assignments you gave me. Now I have even deeper clarity about this paradigm shift. – Eva-Lynn

“Brandy, in less than two weeks of working with you, I was pain free. The detox from all the narcotics was very hard, but now I’m drug-free and pain-free! The nerve numbness is also just a memory. I’m going to send someone special to you soon. But really, I wanted to be completely pain/drug free, and make music, and listen to my Angels give me divine guidance like never before, so that I could send you complete love and gracious thanks for your energy and “persistence” in seeing me into this new life. Words are not enough, but thank you, thank you, thank you!” –Daniel

Medical Note & Disclaimer

Please Note: If you have a serious or potentially life-threatening health issue or are actively on prescription medications, then to join this online course you must remain under the supervision of your physician while participating in this class and have your medications monitored. Many times people may want to avoid their doctors, however, when using this program your goal, instead of avoiding your doctor, should be to show your doctor what YOU are capable of by getting real results. Essentially it would be great to blow their mind by showing them what is possible with your mind!  So the goal is not to avoid the illness or your doctor, but instead to make real changes to your health.  It is important to make sure to have your doctor monitor any medications. You must not avoid your doctors or treatments. It is important to inform them of your participation or any actions you are taking that may affect your health. If you have physical pain, then you are welcome to raise your hand on a group call to have Brandy assist you with releasing your pain however, you must have a proper diagnosis from your doctor prior to releasing the pain. Pain can be an indicator of an additional health issue. This program has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not a replacement for medical or psychiatric care. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure illness. Legally we cannot and do not make any guarantees for health, financial or life results. Each one of us are empowered beings. Your life and your results are up to you!  You can access our full medical disclaimer and earnings disclaimer.