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Love: The Ultimate Catalyst for Healing and Expanding in Consciousness


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Have you found yourself expanding spirituality and yet you feel lonely? unloved? or not understood in your relationships? 

Let's be honest, love can be either one of the most blissful or one of the most painful experiences that we as spiritual beings will have in this life.   

Believe it or not, love plays a key factor in every area of our life including the level of spiritual expansion that we are able to reach.

We’ve all heard at a very simple level in traditional psychology that people have a tendency to attract relationships like their mother or father, or that from one’s youth and just because we are spiritual beings that doesn’t mean that has cleared up.

Part of our ascension process is being able to clear up those old patterns.

Its Important to Release Those Old Energies

When you transform your energy connected to love, it can help you to attract the relationships that you are wanting on the spiritual journey or even shift your current relationship! Additionally, it can help free up old energies that will help you transcend to the next level and facilitate the ascension process of further conscious expansion.

Think of it this way: we are spiritual beings and love is like "soul food." Just like a plant requires energy from the sun to grow, we as spiritual beings require love to really flourish. And yet many people on this spiritual journey of enlightenment find themselves lacking in love.

To continue with our soul’s purpose we require LOVE to fuel us. Yet so many people have deep inner feelings of feeling alone or lonely or unloved or not understood and it’s impeding their next level of evolution, their ability to manifest what it is they are wanting in the physical world as well as their level of continued spiritual growth.

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Brandy has worked with many people and has been able to produce incredible results, not only with physical healing but also relationship, life, and love transformation.


Join Brandy in this 4-Week Class & She Will Help You...


  • Pinpoint specific patterns that are running in your life at the subconscious level.
  • Understand the difference between transmission energy and core energy.
  • How to transform your core energy to transform your life.


As we free up these old patterns from our core energy, it enables us to achieve tangible results in the physical world as well as further expand our levels of consciousness.

Love: The Ultimate Catalyst for Healing and Expanding in Consciousness

We have 2 pricing options available for the 4-week class. Choose your option below.


Valued at $595



1 Payment Now / 1 Payment in 30 Days



Join Brandy for this 4-Week Masterclass and you will receive her wildly popular Authentic Love Activator.

Relax and listen as you build new energy pathways to help you attract greater love!

After working with Brandy, people report a variety of incredible changes:


  • Success at healing their body.
  • Positive transformation in multiple areas of their lives.
  • Feeling greater levels of happiness and joy!
  • Being more connected to God/the Universe.
  • A deeper understanding of energy and how it works and how to use it to obtain tangible results.
  • Financial gains.
  • Better relationships and connection with others.
  • Feeling empowered and more confident in life.
  • Feeling healthier and physically strong.
  • Authentic self-love and feeling good about who they are.
  • Feeling worthy.
  • Watching more and more of their goals and desires manifest.
  • Being able to reach even higher levels of expansion.

…and more

Love: The Ultimate Catalyst for Healing and Expanding in Consciousness

Select from these 2 pricing options available for Brandy's 4-week class.


Valued at $595



1 Payment Now / 1 Payment in 30 Days


About Brandy Gillmore

Brandy is an expert in working with the mind.

After making her own miraculous recovery and leaving her wheelchair behind, she has been turning heads by sharing her revolutionary approach to helping people quickly get out of physical, mental, and emotional pain and transform their lives.

She recently gave a mind-blowing TEDx talk on self-healing and has also been featured on stages across the U.S. and in Canada. She is known for leaving audiences awestruck by demonstrating immediate live results by showing people how to release their own pain- even within minutes, using only the power of their mind.

Today she coaches celebrities, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and groups worldwide on her process of Harnessing Your Inner Power. Her work is frequently described as “miraculous and mind-expanding” as she shows people how to truly understand and harness the power of their own mind.

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