Live Event ~ FREE 90-Minute Workshop @ New Living Expo!

Free 90-minute Workshop!*

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  1. FREE LIVE Workshop: I am honored to be providing a FREE workshop at the New Living Expo!
  2. ADDED BONUS: I will be doing an ONLINE follow-up class for anyone who attended in person. This class will provide you with additional tools as well as answer any lingering questions you might have. 
  3. TO BE ELIGIBLE: You must purchase a ticket to New Living Expo to attend this workshop. AND, you will want to do it soon! Tickets are VERY inexpensive and will go FAST!  Click here to get your tickets before they are gone! 

~ Special 90-min Healing Workshop ~

"How to Get Rapid Healing Results!"

Sunday, April 11, 2021


Brandy Gillmore is a world-renowned speaker who is most well-known for her discoveries in self-healing. Due to her ability to demonstrate back-to-back physical healing results using only the mind, Brandy’s work is captivating audiences worldwide. She has been featured on stages internationally and given a mind-expanding TEDx talk where she shares her own incredible healing journey and is being featured in new upcoming documentaries. After her miraculous recovery, she has been working with top celebrities, Olympic Athletes, CEOs and groups of people worldwide sharing her cutting-edge discoveries.

What you can expect to learn from this workshop:

Brandy will share with you the key insights that she uses daily to help people release chronic pain, in minutes, using only their mind. These are the very discoveries that Brandy made on her own healing journey that transformed her health and entire life.  She went from being injured, in extreme pain, using a wheelchair, walker and cane for almost 7 years to being 100% healthy.

As you dive into workshop., Brandy will start by providing you with a foundational understanding of the mind and energy. Then, she will select volunteers from the audience to demonstrate how you can get rapid healing results! Then there will be a Q&A segment where audience members can ask Brandy a question or have her do an “energy reading” for you to help provide you with invaluable information for your personal healing. Afterwards, you will do group exercises to fully take in the information. Prepare to be amazed as to what our minds are truly capable of. 

Additional Topics:

  • How to shift your core energy to get tangible results.
  • The difference between “core energy” and “transmission energy”
  • A special Q&A segment where you can ask questions. 
  • Understand how to make rapid shifts in health to affect your health and your life.
  • Understand what people are overlooking and why they are not getting the tangible results they desire.
  • Learn how to make self-healing life-changing.

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